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Every villa is a cocoon, a private space on Tetiaroa Spread across the Onetahi motu and set back just off the beach are 35 private villas and one private residence, each a retreat within this sanctuary called Tetiaroa. There’s a flow to these spaces, where doors fold open to create breezeways to the outdoors, and transitions between rooms are subtle, open to entirely different spaces to live in. Welcome home. GETTING TO TETIAROA The private atoll of Tetiaroa is part of the Windward Islands in the Society Archipelago and is located about 60 kilometers/30 miles north of Tahiti. Air Tetiaroa operates the spectacular 20-minute flight from Tahiti Faa’a International Airport, with a fleet of two 6-passenger Britten-Norman aircrafts and two 14-seater Twin Otters. Charter flights via Ecureuil bi-turbine helicopter are also available. Departure is from the Air Tetiaroa Terminal. Upon arrival in Tetiaroa, guests are greeted on the runway of the private airfield by a Brando representative and whisked off to their villa in comfortable electric carts.

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AN ENCHANTING ATOLL OF TWELVE ISLETS The Brando is much more than a hotel. It is the stuff of Robinson Crusoe, of the childhood desert island fantasies that most of us share. Marlon Brando made that dream his own and resolved that Tetiaroa would retain its beauty forever. Tetiaroa is alive with history and energy. Over 4 kilometers wide (2.5 miles), it comprises twelve motu (coral islands, or islets) surrounded by a splendid turquoise lagoon. The motus are a study in diversity. The Brando itself sits on the 78-hectares (193-acres) Motu Onetahi. VARUA TE ORA POLYNESIAN SPA The Varua Te Ora Polynesian Spa is a destination in its own right where beauty and well-being, deeply rooted in Polynesian culture, are the key words. In the heart of a lush oasis of exotic plants covering 2,000 square meters (21,500 ft²), it offers the best holistic treatments inspired by Polynesian traditions. It is here, in the middle of a sanctuary of century-old pandanus, that the Fare Manu (bird’s nest) treatment cabin is located. Perched in the trees 6 meters (20 feet) above the ground, and offering an amazing view of a freshwater lake covered with lotus flowers, it guarantees unforgettable memories. Couples can come to discover the art of the traditional massage, «Taurumi». Therapeutic and spiritual, it maintains and restores internal harmony and balances relationships with others. Our facilities include areas for relaxation, energy (Fare Mana), a hammam, a fresh water cascade and an herbal tea room at the water’s edge. PRIVATE VILLAS The Brando offers 36 private villas, with one to three bedrooms, overlooking Turtle Beach and Mermaid Bay, including the private residence Teremoana on Prince Square. Conceived by architect Pierre-Jean Picard in collaboration with designer Gilles Leborgne, all have in common the space and references to Polynesian traditions. The wooden walls and roofs covered with pandanus leaves are inspired by traditional techniques and materials. Large bay windows offer a divine view of the lush garden planted with coconut palms and «miki miki», as well as the private swimming pools and the azure blue lagoon. Nature gently insinuates herself into the sober and serene interiors. Studied comfort and purity of line reflect the refinement of the property. Each villa has a spacious bedroom and a dressing room, a living room, media room, and a WiFi and BlueTooth connection. The bathroom offers an outdoor bathtub nestled in the heart of a tropical garden. Each roomy wooden terrace has lounge chairs, umbrellas and a freshwater shower, a covered dining area and swimming pool, all leading out onto the white sandy beach. The 36 villas are distributed as follows: 24 One-Bedroom Villas with living room area of 96 m² (1,033 ft²), 56 m² terrace (602 ft²), and private swimming pool of 10 m² (108 ft²). They welcome up to 2 adults and 2 children under 18 years old. 6 Family One-Bedroom Villas, located on Turtle Beach, are configured with additionnal bedroom space to accommodate families with children over 12 years old. 4 Two-Bedroom Villas with living room area of 168 m² (1,808 ft²), a private garden with terrace of 206 m² (2,217 ft²) and a swimming pool of 15 m² (161 ft²). These villas have a dining room and a kitchen for the Chef to officiate in. Capacity : up to 4 people. 1 Three-Bedroom Villa on Mermaid Bay of 246 m² (2,648 ft²). It shares the same characteristics as the Two-Bedroom Villa, with a third bedroom separated from the main unit by a short walkway. Private outdoor space comprises gardens and terraces of 206 m² (2,217 ft²) and includes a swimming pool of 23 m² (248 ft²). Capacity : up to 6 persons. 1 Private Residence (« Teremoana ») with three bedrooms and one staff bedroom, for a total area of 558 m² (6,006 ft²), including 279 m² (3,003 ft²) of air-conditioned interior space, and as much outdoor space with terrace and swimming pool of 23 m² (248 ft²). The Teremoana is the first of four residential villas, designed to provide an experience of unmatched exclusivity and intimacy in one of the most preserved places on the planet. Capacity: up to 6 people. The staff bedroom accommodates one adult or two children up to the age of 12.